Introducing Patch Notes

Hey everyone! This post will explain patch notes, a new system we'll be rolling out to give clarity to our update schedule and process.

Previously, we've released GridCraft updates via our discord server (which you should join by the way, These discord announcements often covered one update at a time, with minor changes reserved for the changelog channel. With the release of this announcements page, we'll be changing the timing and nature of updates to the GridCraft server.

Introducing: patch notes. At a consistent time every 2 weeks we'll be adding an article to this website with details on all changes to be made to GridCraft. Any changes minor or major that affect gameplay will typically be reserved to the bi-weekly patch notes and the in-game update that follows. Bugs and time sensitive fixes will still be applied instantly and noted in the changelog channel on discord, and will be included in the next patch note.

The management team is making this change because we believe this will help give stability to the community, and allieviate feelings of being left behind on the latest tactics and strategies to gain an edge on the money leaderboards.