The Grand Announcement!


Welcome to the Grand Announcement! This announcement is single-handedly the most feature and update packed post we have ever had here on GridMC. To start things off, we want to get rolling into our announcement with a quick update about Casper. As many of you know Casper has to take ill-leave earlier in the month and unfortunately we have not heard much of anything from him. At this time Casper has returned home from the hospital and will start joining us again, welcome back man!

Now moving into our announcement, we have a bunch of features to roll-out in the next few weeks and months. This announcement will go over what we have already done, what our plans are for the immediate future, and then a little about our plans moving even further ahead with GridMC.

Casper's Board

We are all missing Casper right now, his impact and influence in the community is unmatched and nobody is having an easy time with him being away. We have seen so much from you guys so far throughout the community for him; from changing capes and skins, to leaving discord messages, and even making pixelart and builds to wish him good health. Well, these are awesome and we would like to centralize all of it in one place for him when he comes back. So, we made a "kudoboard" which is a website that allows a group or community to digitally "sign a card" for someone. We have made on for Casper and wishing him well, it currently has 100 post limit which can be updated if needed, but let's all please be consciencious of everyone else who would like to post and only make one post per person. Your post can include text and an image or a gif.

If you are interested in wishing Casper well and leaving him a note head over to the following link and make a post!

Planned Consistency

Alright, now into the meat of our announcement! We have been gathering a TON of feedback from players, staff members, and creators around our community. One stand out comment we received from a lot of people was that our announcements, updates, and transparency as a Management Team was lacking to the community and players. We are fixing that starting today!

From this point forward you can expect to get one of these online announcements every other Wednesday! That's 45 more times this year alone. We may also push out other updates, guides, pages, and information from time to time, but that will never affect our new schedule. So, every other Wednesday come check back on the website or await our notification post in Discord for these announcements! Yes we know we're posting this one on a Tuesday, but from here on out it'll be Wednesdays.

Player Council

One major issue we found while collecting all of this feedback from the community was our lack of inclusion. Quite honestly you all are the server's life and blood and keep things going. Without you all we would never be where we are today and would never get to where we want to get to. In order to accomplish a more inclusive experience we are introducing the Player Council. This is a group of influential and active players who will work with the Management Team to:

| Make sure updates are going to be beneficial and worthwhile.
| Make sure updates will not break current game-mechanics.
| Make sure updates will not invalidate current game-play styles and features.
| Help come up with update and ideas for changing things up to better the player experience.
| Work with staff to make sure the rules and regulations for the server are fair.
| and much more!

Note: The player council members are not staff members and have no extra permissions or access. If you need assistance, find a staff member or create a ticket in discord. However, feel free to talk with council members about updates, changes, ideas, and concerns. They are the voice of the community!

This team will be fully comprised of 7 players at any given time. The council has begun with 3 players being appointed to the council and from now on the concurrent council members will present candidates for the council and vote to bring them on. Our founding council members are:

Website Guides (Work in Progress)

Whew, that's already a lot of stuff! Not to mention everything pre-existing that makes GridMC such a fun and unique experience... it can get quite overwhelming at times. We noticed that there is a huge learning curve when joining GridMC for the first time as an average buckaroo, and even for long-term players with new updates. To help alleviate some of the unknown we will be creating the GridMC Guide page! This page will have a bunch of guides like: How to Play, Getting Started on GridMC, Fishing 101, Go Mining and GridDiscs, and a bunch more!

We recently brought on a new Helper, moviegoer94! She is an incredible writer and knows quite a bit about the server itself. She is going to be writing all of these amazing guides for us (of course with some help from the Admins and the one and only GabeBarbosa providing content). This new page will likely roll out mid-march with a few basic guides and will continue to grow as guides are created and new features are introduced. So stay tuned for this awesome webpage! (and thank movie next time you see her around, she's awesome)

Towny Apartments

Now for something I bet you didn't see coming - Apartments!

We are trying something out that is pretty cool, it is the first rentable spaces within the Towny Spawn area. There will be multiple buildings of apartments available for rent for players with Redstone rank or higher! Apartments will be very pricey as they are quite awesome. Apartments offer:

| Your own place in spawn, possibly with a view?
| Storage close to spawn
| A place to hangout and enjoy friendly company
| Freedom of decoration
| Status symbol (All the cool kids have apartments)

These apartment buildings will be labeled by color names. Yellow Apartments and Green Apartments will be the first buildings open for rent. Yellow is located just North of the fishing pond at spawn and Green is just West of the fishing pond. Red, Blue, and Magenta Apartments will open up as the other buildings fill up!

The first apartments will go live Friday February 26th!

Note: Apartments are rented out by 30 day increments. If at the end of your rental period you do not pay, there will be a week grace period to either remove your items or pay rent before the apartment is reset and made available for rent. Note: Different apartments will have different prices depending on size, location, and view!


Now, the announcement you are all really here for... Bedwars! Yes we have been working on this game for quite a while now and we have made it flippin' awesome and entertaining.

We will be hosting our Beta Testing for Bedwars February 26th and 27th, we will then close Bedwars for the 28th in order to do our final polishing and bug fixes before openly launching Bedwars on March 1st!

Note: Beta will be available for donators only!

DNP3 will also be doing a rewards system for Bedwars Season I! Here are the terms and prizes:

| Top 10 players with the most wins (For the first 10 days): Receive $1 per win up to $500 each!

Note: Bedwars Seasons last 1 month, the first 3 weeks are for stat tracking and leaderboards. On the 4th week the leaderboards are locked and the top 25 players in wins, and the top 25 players in kills will compete in a 50-man Bedwars tournament before the next Season which will be the 1st of every month.

Ender Rank Restock

With the launch of Bedwars and the fact that the GridMC community will be growing exponentially in the coming weeks and months, we've decided to open up another 5 Ender Ranks for purchase on the GridMC website! The ranks are first come first serve and will be made available 12:01am March 1st!

Ender Rank holder SneakyBroArt
Some other donator ranks, featuring some notable players.

This announcement period's FAQ

Here are some final notes on some of the more frequent questions we've received since our last announcement:

| Some vanilla features are disabled, like limits on mobs per chunk. Will this be reversed/re-enabled? Somewhat, yes. We've upped mob capping for chunks a little bit, however, fully reverting to the vanilla settings would cause major latency (lag) issues for the server. In the future we do plan on adding back vanilla features to Towny as they become possible.

| I lost some items or progress in a restart or rollback. What was that all about and is it common? No, it's not common. We did experience some issues with a rollback or two recently due to admin-error within our backend console. This led to a lot of issues and were purely mistakes. We have now taken extra precautions to ensure this never happens again. If you are still missing items we can check our logs if you create a support ticket in discord.

| Tickets are hard to use! How do I use tickets? Join the main "Grid" discord and navigate to the make-a-ticket channel. We have just recently overhauled the ticket bot to include different types of tickets to boost productivity and organization. From there, click on the icon for whichever ticket you would like to create and it will be created for you. In that channel provide the information asked for by the bot and a staff member will assist you as soon as available.

Note: The ticket bot should be fully functional and updated by Friday at the latest!

| How do I apply for the staff team? We are currently hiring new staff members for the GridMC Server (not for the Grid Discord/Stream community). If you are interested in applying for a staff position on GridCraft then please navigate to Moderator's Application.

Staff Members OhMecke (Mod) and Copofiscool (Helper)

| When is Skyblock coming? Well buckaroo, Bedwars is our current focus and after we get it launched and running smoothly we'll break ground on skyblock. Our aim for these three gamemodes is to offer 3 similar, but specified experiences across GridMC as a network. Towny will remain the spot for casual players and the "survival" experience with hopes of bringing back more vanilla features and mechanics; Bedwars will become the place for competitive players with a bloodlust or quick-play style; and Skyblock will end up being our "grind" game mode offering a eco-centric server where money is king and time and work is money. We hope Skyblock can release Summer 2021!

| When will we get rain in fishing area? Today! We just sectioned it off to allow for rain/storm weather in the fishing area. Careful, it might not stop!

Player T_GriGGs from the Player Council Fishing
Players posing for a screenshot to celebrate the rain!

Thanks for checking in!

This will conclude our announcement, if you have any questions or concerns about the updates described in this post please head on over to the GridCraft Community Discord ( and start a conversation with other community members, the player council, and staff members alike.

Thank you all for your continued support, on behalf of the entire Management and Leadership team we are all very excited for how things are going with GridMC and we are pumped for our plan to keep expanding and growing into a larger network with the best possible player experience around.