All punishments are given at the discretion of the staff member(s). If you have been punished for violating any of these rules and would like to appeal or feel as if your punishment is unfair or too harsh, you may appeal via The Grid discord's ticket system.

Note: Punishments across the GridGaming platforms may vary based on the specific rules of each platform. i.e. Discord, Minecraft Server, Social Media, etc.

Server Discord Community: When participating in any of the Official GridGaming Discords in tandem with the Gridcraft server, players must respect all rules and regulations from both the discord server and the Gridcraft server.

Appeals: If you appeal for a punishment and it is denied, you must wait at least 30 days before appealing again. Do not message staff members about punishments or rushing an appeal/ticket.

Quick links

  • 1) Treat Everyone Respectfully
  • 2) Unfair Advantages and Bug Exploitations
  • 3) Malicious Intent
  • 4) Towny & Earth Specific Rules
  • 5) UltimateSMP Specific Rules
  • 6) Minigames Rules
  • 7) Event Rules

  • Gridcraft Rules.CSS

    Global Rules

    Note: Global Rules 1) Treat Everyone Respectfully, 2) Unfair Advantages and Bug Exploitations, and 3) Malicious Intent apply all across the network.

    1) Treat Everyone Respectfully

    Every Gridcraft user deserves to be respected, safe, and treated fairly on all platforms related to Gridcraft.

    Any behavior listed below is not allowed:


    You cannot advertise other server IPs, website links, or discuss another server. You are not to promote your discord community or social media accounts. This includes private messages between members of the community. However, sending usernames of social accounts is allowed for contact purposes. Building things/Renaming items to promote your social accounts/other servers is not permitted.

    Creator ranks can use relative links.

    Affilation of Rule-Breaking

    You are not allowed to help or assist another player with something that goes against our rules. If we find that you are affiliated or caught helping another player break the rules, you may receive a punishment.


    Repeatedly asking for free ranks/items/crates or in-game money from staff or other players is not allowed.

    DDoS / Dox / Swat Threats

    Posting information about other players into the public chat is strictly forbidden. If you even threaten to do so, you will be punished. Joking about this will also get you penalized. This also includes posting anything that might be interpreted as information about a player.

    Death Threats

    Anything that threatens harm, death, or assault is forbidden anywhere in the network including discord, private messages, and in-game chats.


    We have a zero-tolerance policy for any form of discrimination including racism, bigotry, sexism, slurs, and any form of targeted harassment towards an individual or group.


    Behavior that is disrespectful or spreading rumors about another player, creator, or staff member is unacceptable. This includes insulting another player excessively, being hostile towards the server, or hindering another player's enjoyment.


    Impersonating anyone such as pretending to be someone else by changing your nickname or username in-game or in discord to look like that person is forbidden. Additionally, if you see a player breaking one of our rules, please report them to a staff member or create a player report ticket. Do not take action yourself, taking action yourself can lead to a punishment.

    Inappropriate Discussion

    Discussions about inappropriate content like sexual connotations, drugs, illegal activities, swearing, self-harm, dark humor, lying, and other stuff that could make someone uncomfortable is not permitted, as is bypassing censorship or chat filters. Inappropriate Skins, capes, and names that are racist or sexual are not allowed.


    Sending links in public chat is strictly forbidden. Linking malicious, inappropriate, or offending materials is prohibited. Only Gridcraft related links can be posted.

    Discussing Punishments/Rioting

    Rioting against decisions made by staff team members in order to cause chaos or disruption is not allowed. You cannot talk about any punishments or appeal information publicly in any of the Gridcraft platforms. Failure to comply with this rule can lead to an increase to your current punishment if you have one.

    Spamming/Flooding/Excessive Caps

    It is not necessary to flood the chat with useless messages. For this reason, sending 3+ messages in quick succession is punishable. Also, using excessive or large amounts of caps is forbidden. Additionally, spamming commands, such as messaging people rapidly will be considered command spam. Furthermore, misusing commands that contact staff will also constitute this violation.

    Using other languages in public chat

    English will be the only language allowed in public chat. This is because staff members are unable to tell if a player is breaking a rule.

    Any of the behavior listed above can be punished from a warning, a mute, to a permanent blacklist from our network.

    The Gridcraft Community strives to be a fun and comfortable place for players to communicate and interact respectfully. Our chat rooms provide an excellent way to make new friends while in lobbies and games.

    We encourage players to cooperate and compete, but always in a constructive manner that respects others. In short, treat others the way you want to be treated.

    2) Unfair Advantages & Bug Exploitations

    All Gridcraft players have the right to a fair playing field in all game modes without unfair advantages or exploits.

    Any behavior listed below is not allowed:

    Bug Exploitations

    Exploiting any bug exploits or glitches to gain an advantage or harm the server or another player is forbidden. Under this rule, failure to report bugs, as well as sharing information about bugs, could constitute a violation of this rule. Everything gained from abusing a bug will be removed from a player. (Money, Items, etc.)

    Unfair Advantages

    You are forbidden to do anything on the server that gives you or another player an advantage over others. Any use of an improper/cheat client, any alteration that is blacklisted, or the use of auto clicking for something is strictly forbidden. It also includes any third-party software and in-game exploits as well as mouse modifications, except those that modify DPI or sensitivity.

    Additionally, we do not encourage the usage of drag clicking regardless of client, as it may lead to a punishment.

    Any of the behavior listed above can be punished from a temporary blacklist, to a permanent blacklist from our network.

    To maintain a positive experience for all players, hacks, cheats, macros, and other behaviours are entirely forbidden.

    In order to prevent unfair gameplay on the server and within Minecraft, any bug that is used to gain an advantage over others is not permitted. This is to ensure that any bugs in games are not used abusively.

    Regardless of where they are on the server, hacks, cheats, or exploits that give an unfair advantage to gameplay are strictly prohibited.

    Modifications that are allowed on the Gridcraft Network are cosmetic mods which show limited amounts of additional information or mods that cannot otherwise give an unfair in-game advantage.

    Categories of Allowed Modifications:

    - Client performance improvement mods (e.g. FPS improvement mods)

    - Aesthetic modifications (e.g. shaders mods)

    - Armor and Effect Status hud mods

    - Brightness and gamma adjustment mods

    3) Malicious Intent

    It is the right of all Gridcraft players to feel protected from malicious users attempting to harm them or the server.

    Any behavior listed below is not allowed.

    Alternate Accounts

    A player may have up to one alternate account and the main account online at one time on the entire network; any more is strictly prohibited.

    Botting/Server Attacking

    Botting or any attack against the server will cause a permanent blacklisting from the server.


    Charging back purchases through the server is not permitted under any circumstances. If you do a store deal with another player and they charge back, you will be banned. However, the banned player may open a ban appeal, and the other player who purchased the items will be banned.

    Creating Lag / Server Crashing

    The use of intentional lag machines or bugs to lag another player out or crash the server is strictly forbidden. Further, saying that you intend to crash or slow down the server with malicious intent is also punishable. Lag machines can be considered automatic farms that scale up in size to a huge extent, and we see them as a potential cause of lag. You can contact the staff if you are uncertain whether a machine is lag-free.

    In Real Life Trading

    It is strictly forbidden to sell in-game items for real life money or items.

    Punishment Evasion

    Evading a punishment by the use of other accounts is not allowed. The use of alternate accounts or misusing commands like reports, helpop, and messages to evade a mute or ban is unacceptable in any way. If another person who shares the same IP address joins while the previous player is still punished, the user will be prompted to verify his / her identity so as to avoid punishment for evasion.


    The use of scamming techniques in the game is strictly forbidden. Scamming may involve lying about what you are buying or selling, giving away fake items for authentic items, and/or agreeing to trade but not fulfilling it.

    Use /trade for all trades & deals, we are not responsible for any other trades or trades down outside of /trade.

    If a user buys an item for a more significant amount than the item's actual value, that is not considered scamming.

    Items bought from places such as the auction house are the user's responsibility to know the costs and will not be refunded.

    Additionally, the user must provide as much evidence as possible to show they have been scammed, or else they may not be refunded.

    Any of the behavior listed above can be punished from a temporary blacklist, to a permanent blacklist from our network.

    We want to protect our players from any malicious activities and keep a safe and clean environment.

    Gamemode Rules

    Note: Global Rules 1) Treat Everyone Respectfully, 2) Unfair Advantages and Bug Exploitations, and 3) Malicious Intent apply all across the network. (Ex. Towny, Earth, UltimateSMP, Minigames, Events, etc.)

    4) Towny & Earth Specific Rules

    These are the specific rules that apply on Towny & Earth Survival Servers.

    Towny & Earth Specific rules listed below:

    Anything labeled with "[Towny]" means it only applies to Towny.

    Anything labeled with “[Earth]” means it only applies to Earth.


    Griefing is unacceptable in or around claimed areas, including creating walls around people's claims, killing mobs, breaking blocks.

    You can be griefed if your land is unclaimed. You can be griefed if a trusted player decides to break or steal your stuff, so be careful who you give access to your stuff.

    Please make sure your town permissions are secure, and your land is completely claimed. If you are unsure how to do this, please make a ticket or contact an online moderator/helper.

    Inappropriate Builds

    Builds with explicit content, including sexual connotations and drugs, dark humor, self-harm, and other offensive topics, should not be created.

    In-Game Trolling

    Following another player or attempting to get in their way to interfere with their gameplay is not allowed. This includes standing in front of crates to disallow someone to use their key(s) or standing in front of someone in the fishing area to take the fish item before they can.

    Killing People / Trapping

    You cannot use any method to kill a player who has PVP toggled off, including traps or lava buckets. PVP is permitted when both players have PVP enabled and mutually agree to it or are in a PVP arena.

    Towny Citizenship

    [Towny] Part A. Towns with inactive players (30 days not online) may request removing that player's items, chest shops, and vehicles from their town. Part B. Towns with an inactive Mayor (30 days not online) may request the Mayorship be transferred to the next highest-ranking member. If there are multiple high-ranking town members, the longest-standing town member will be given Mayorship. Note: Town members must make an honest attempt to reach out to inactive players before requesting removal of their town role, items, shops, etc.

    Towny Distance

    [Towny] The minimum distance between towns should be 40 chunks as a buffer. This is a loose number so some difference in the number will not be enforced as to allow towns to still expand.

    Violations of any of the rules listed above can be punished from a warning, a mute, to a permanent blacklist from our network.

    5) Minigame Rules

    These are the specific rules for Minigames on Gridcraft.

    Any behavior listed below is not allowed:

    Cross Teaming

    Teaming with players from another team is not allowed.

    Violations of any of the rules listed above can be punished from a warning, a mute, to a permanent blacklist from our network.

    6) Event Rules

    These are the rules for server events.

    1. Follow event rules instructed by staff and creators during events.

    2. Do not cheat in any events.

    Violations of any of the rules above will result in a removal from the event and possibly any future server events. Additional punishments may happen if required.