Redeem Grid Discs for Prizes!

One of the most exciting features of Gridcraft is the ability to earn a digital currency called "Grid discs" while you play! These discs can be exchanged for real-world prizes such as Gift cards, streaming equipment, discord nitro and even a high performance gaming PC!

In order to start earning, there are a few necessary steps you have to take to get setup.

1) Join our discord (

Once you're there you'll be greeted by a friendly team and players within the community. Be sure to click the "Gridcraft role" by checking the sword.

This will unlock the gridcraft-link role where you can click the "link".

This will open a private channel between you and our discord linker. If multiple channels open up, just write your name in all of them.

** IMPORTANT: Before the next step, sign into Gridcraft. Once you perform the next step you'll receive a prompt to confirm your account.

Type your name in your private channel

Next you'll receive a confirmation inside Gridcraft. Click [confirm] and your account will be linked! Hooray!!

Verify your account linked successfully by vising the #Gridcraft-verify channel. You should see a success message similar to the one below.

SUCCESS! You're ready to start earning grid discs in Gridcraft.

You can now type /gomining and start earning! You'll earn grid discs as you mine various ores. See video below for an example.

Redeeming Grid Discs

Next we'll need to link up so you can redeem items in the shop. It only takes a sec and there are a few easy steps.

First, sign into with your account and click the top right corner to access your profile.

Next connect your discord account

You're all set! Your grid discs will now appear on your profile at and you can exchange them for prizes. If you run into any issues, please create a ticket in discord and our staff will help you out.

PRO TIP: You get a bonus 1000 grid discs just for joining discord . When you join visit the rank-commands channel and type !withdraw 1000

To redeem them in the store, visit

Interested in earning even more grid discs? Checkout the #griddisc-info channel on discord & happy mining!

All of the ways to earn grid discs map