Gridcraft Patch 0.2.0

Hey everyone, in this article we'll be detailing to changes coming with the new patch!

  • We're adding /tags!
    -- Equip tags to display next to your name in chat, above your head, and in the tab list.
    -- 3 tags will be available today, all from the millionaire tag set! These tags will be purchasable with Towny Cash. Use these to flex!

  • White scrolls and black scrolls have been added to /shop!
    -- The prices reflect the end game nature of custom enchants. You can now use Towny Cash to protect your rare equiptment and have greater freedom over your gear!

  • Removed Random Catch fishing tournaments.
    -- This change addresses the situations where extremely rare fish were selected as the fish to catch. Overall we felt this tournament type wasn't fun.

  • Increased price of diamond and emerald printers by 22%.
    -- This is a necessary change to keep the server's economy in check. We reeled in our initial hotfix changes that saw printer prices double in favor of this minor price increase for this patch.

  • Removed access to /baltop.
    -- Gridcraft Towny has always been about having a fun time with friends and building up your town, and not about competition. We'd like to visualize this by removing the ability to check top balances. Don't worry eco-heads, we have more content coming for you on the Gridcraft Network soon!

  • Removed money leaderboard at spawn.

Here are the bug fixes and changes implemented this past week:

  • Increased fly time capacity to 3 hours from 45 minutes.
  • Disabled McMMO double drop for ores to negate a dupe glitch.
  • Added new escape menu!
  • Readded minecarts, 2 per chunk limit.
  • Changed mob freezing mechanics to be less strict when server is running smooth.
  • Removed non-fishing keys from Fishing Tournaments.
  • Non-ranked players levels 0-2 are limited to 10 repeaters per chunk.
    -- This is to counteract malicious users.
  • Explicitly defined that Alternate Accounts cannot own printers.
  • Added the beautiful Grid Map!

Current End Island, to be reset!

The End Reset Event

On Saturday, February 13th at 4:00PM EST, we'll be resetting the End Dimension! This means you'll be able to explore and loot fresh end cities. We'll also be holding an event with prizes to commemorate the rare occasion!

Expect a brief maintenance at reset time to implement the new end world. Once this is done, users will be invited to /warp end to be teleported to the waiting lobby. PvP will be disabled for this event.

The Dragon's special drop.

5 Dragons will be spawned for users to fight. Yes, 5!

Each dragon will drop 1 Purple Ring, pictured above. Purple Rings may be traded in for either 1 Valentine's Crate, 2 OP Keys, or 2 Vehicle Keys for yourself; or 1 Epic Key for everyone on the server. Your choice!

That's the patch! Quick reminder that Valentine's Crates are still available on our webstore,, but will be removed by the end of the month!

Happy Playing!