Gridcraft Patch 0.2.0

Hey everyone, in this article we'll be detailing to changes coming with the new patch! We're adding /tags! -- Equip tags to display next to your name in chat, above your head, and

Scheduled Maintenance 2/7/2021

Hey Gridcraft! Today we're announcing maintenance for tomorrow to further help our backend team on our quest for creating a larger and more stable network. Maintenance will begin at 10:00AM EST and

Gridcraft Patch 0.1.0

Hey everybody! It's patch day! As described in our previous article regarding the new update format, we'll begin publishing major changes with patch notes. Any changes minor or major that affect gameplay will

Retiring Grid Crate

Hey everyone! This post is being made to let everyone know that the ever popular Grid Crate will be retired to the vault on Friday, February 5th, 2021 at Midnight EST. Grid Crate

Redeem Grid Discs for Prizes!

One of the most exciting features of Gridcraft is the ability to earn a digital currency called "Grid discs" while you play! These discs can be exchanged for real-world prizes such as Gift

Cosmetics Release Incoming

Hey everyone! This post will give details regarding the upcoming rollout of our cosmetics system to the public. Previously reserved for Admins, cosmetics will be making a public appearance in crates very soon.

GridCraft: On the Come Up!

Hey everyone! In this post I'll be detailing the progress our community has made these past 6 weeks. ENCOM Mall OpeningGridCraft Towny 2.0 released on December 27th, 2020. Players had high expectations