New Look, New Gamemode, New Era of Gridcraft!


Been a while crocodile! We are excited to announce some upcoming updates coming to Gridcraft in the coming weeks! Our entire team has been working tirelessly for the past new months to provide you a whole new Gridcraft experience! In this post you can find information about our fresh new rebrand, our brand new hub, and our biggest project to date Oneblock!

New Branding

New Hub, releasing on July 10th

Oneblock Release Date

Imagine a world where all resources have been combined to form one block... the magic ONEBLOCK

Spawn on a single block in the sky, which when broken produces another block... and another block... INFINITE RESOURCES

You'll find yourself right at home if you've played SKYBLOCK before...


The Magic Oneblock!
Rotating Shop, you can't purchase all items 24/7, this encourages player trading!
A brand new custom enchant system!
The classic features like player warps, chest shops, auction house, and more!

On top of all of these features, Oneblock will begin with a 1,000 player cap! This extraordinary number was accomplished through somce fancy multi-server syncronization software that we developed which is typically exclusive to only the largest servers (think Hypixel Skyblock style tech).

We'll be capable of scaling up Oneblock to more players with ease as we grow.

We'll be officially releasing Oneblock on July 10th at 2:00PM EST!

OG Donator Rewards and Gridbits

We're giving back to our community of donators by giving all of you an OG tag that you can use across the network, as well as a bundle of Gridbits!

Gridbits are the new virtual currency of Gridcraft! Soon you won't be able to purchase key or other items on our store, instead everything will be in the Gridbits store in game. Expect more information regarding Gridbits soon.

Finally, all current Enders will highlighted as Patrons on our webstore. Soon there will be a new patron page that will display the skin and name of all current Ender ranks, and all users who spend more than $1,000 on our webstore in the future. Thank you all for supporting Gridcraft! Be prepared to be remembered in Gridcraft history!