Oneblock Guide

This guide will teach you everything you need to know about Oneblock on Gridcraft!

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  • What is Oneblock?
  • Getting Started
  • Gridbits
  • The Sparks Cave
  • Airdrops
  • Random Shop
  • Auction House
  • Sparks
  • Custom Enchantments

  • What is Oneblock?

    OneBlock is a Survival Minecraft map, where you are stranded in the void on top of a single block. Players are challenged to live and build using only the resources provided from the infinite block. You can mine the same block over and over, and it gives you basic materials that, overtime, become better and better! You go through certain phases, and the infinite block slowly upgrades to better blocks, chests and new mobs! The object of the map is to expand your block into a thriving island.

    Getting Started

    Oneblock Quickstart
    Once you are connected to the OneBlock server, you will load into the /spawn area. From there, you can head straight into the portal ahead of you to start your OneBlock journey. After loading into your island, you will notice you are standing on….one block! Well, actually two, there is bedrock under the block you load onto. From here you will mine that block, which increases the Broken counter on the scoreboard to the right, as well as increasing the progress bar at the bottom of your screen. The rest of your journey is up to you from here.

    Island Commands
    Using /is or /island while on your island will display the Island help page (seen below) that lists the commands.

    Using /island or /is while at spawn will teleport you to your island

    /island or /is
    ban <player_name> - Will ban the player from being able to teleport to your island.
    list - Lists players banned from your island.
    accept - accepts an invite to another player’s island, teleporting you there. NOTE: You can not own an island yourself to accept an invite.
    decline - Declines an invite to another player’s island.
    delete - Deletes your island, do at your own risk as you WILL lose everything on it.
    home - Will teleport you back to your island’s home position.
    Invite <player_name> - Will send a request to the player to join your island. This will allow them to work alongside you.
    kick <player_name> - Will kick someone from your island sending them to /spawn.
    lock - Will deny players from teleporting to your island. Doing this command again will unlock your island.
    sethome - Will set the current block you are standing at the home point of your island to the OneBlock location.
    warp <player_name> - Will teleport you to that player’s island as long as it is not locked.
    info <player_name> - Displays info about the player’s island in chat, including level, lock status, and Members. Will display info on your own island if no player name is given.
    phases - Will show every phase available in OneBlock.

    Other OneBlock Commands
    /spawn - will teleport you back to the spawn area where the shop NPC’s are at.
    /enchants - Opens the menu to the custom enchantment shop.
    /enchantsindex - Opens the menu with the list of all custom enchants available.
    /ah, /auction or /auctionhouse - Opens up the auction house menu to see what players have put up for bid.
    /ah sell <price> <starting bid> <bid increment> [hours]
    Price is the buy-it-now (BIN) price.
    Starting_bid is the initial price you want bidding to start at.
    Bid_increment is how much the next bid goes up by.
    Hours is optional and is the amount of time you want the item to stay on the auction house, a max of 72 hours.
    /sell hand - sells the item currently holding. handall - sells all stacks of the item in your inventory that you are holding.
    /sellgui - Opens a menu where you can place items to sell. Closing this menu sells whatever was placed inside that is sellable.
    /fly - Toggles fly mode.
    /trash - Opens a menu that will remove any item placed inside after closing it.
    /sparks shop - opens the Sparks shop menu.


    Gridbits is our brand new credits system used to purchase/trade anything on our store and our server. This includes ranks, cosmetics, items, loot boxes, bundles and much more! Theres a daily shop of cosmetics and goods (which rotate) and the other categories are fixed and do not rotate.

    For Oneblock, Gridbits will be used for purchasing on Oneblock cosmetic items, crates, air drops and tags, however as we continue to expand Gridbits system, more features for Gridbits such as global cosmetics, achievement system, boosters, and and loot boxes will come along the way!

    Purchase Gridbits at

    The Sparks Cave

    Have what it takes to battle the ferocious mobs down in the daunting cavern?

    The Sparks Cave has 5 levels that increase in difficulty as you venture deeper into the caves: Be weary traveler… once you enter The Sparks Cave, you CAN NOT LEAVE unless you make your way to the exit portal near the entrance (Fly is also DISABLED in these grounds). IMPORTANT NOTE: Once you set foot into these treacherous caves PVP is ENABLED and ANY ITEMS LOST UPON DEATH WILL NOT BE RETURNED TO YOU. You CAN NOT leave the caves while in combat (There will be a 30 second timer on your screen indicating how long you have to wait), and if you quit the game while in combat, YOU WILL DIE!

    Entrance to the Sparks Cave.
    This is a safezone, inside of safezones, you cannot be hurt by mobs or players.
    This is the exit portal, this is the only way to leave the Sparks Cave.

    Undead Mines

    When starting out your adventure, the Undead Miners greet you with welcoming er- lethal arms while trying to kill you…
    This is the first level you will face, the easiest out of the five. The Undead Miners weld pickaxes and iron helmets. The levels range from 1-25, getting harder with each increasing level. This level also holds the portal, which is the only way to escape to freedom! You can mine goodies such as Iron and Coal as well as Sparks between 5-25.

    Critter Den

    While the fellas look cute and fluffy, they will kill you on the spot when you step foot in their territory. The Den is the second level you will encounter. From here, the level becomes more difficult than the last. These critters range from level 1 up to 25, with the difficulty getting hard. The Frozen Critters deal more damage and are a little faster at catching you. You can find Iron and Gold ores here, as well as sparks ranging from 20-45. Who knew such adorable critters could be so deadly?!

    Drowned Seas

    Once you get past the critters, a beautiful water fountain awaits you! Er- as well as drowned miners littering the grounds… These drowned miners range from level 1 up to 45, with it becoming very hard to fight against these foes. If needed you can seek solitude with the bartender, as well as some other gifts for visiting him! Lapis and Redstone litter the ground, with mobs holding 20-75. When you are done with your mini vacation with your foes, the warm hell awaits next!

    Demented Hell

    These beauts are no joke, they can pack a punch while avoiding the fiery pits below you! The Demented Beasts can range from level 1-45, becoming increasingly difficult as you traverse the lands. Quartz and Netherite Gold ores can be found here, as well as sparks ranging 70-105 for your efforts. Herding these beasts can be such a chore, but stepping foot into the End looms upon you.

    Larva of the End

    Here it is, the final level. This won’t be an easy feat to accomplish for a young one, as these Ender Larva give a heck of a fight. While they range from level 1- level 25, they are extremely hard to defeat, the hardest of them all. While dodging those little fellas you can find Diamond and Emerald ores here, while obtaining sparks between 100 - 135. You have done it, you completed the caves! Or did you?...

    Each level rewards you with Sparks each time you kill a mob; the deeper you go the more Sparks you get. Be careful traveler, if you die you lose your stuff (Fly is also disabled in these grounds)!

    Random Shop

    The Random Shop contains items that rotate every six hours with different… you guessed it... random items! During that period, you can buy or sell as many of those items as you want! You can access the shop with /shop or /randomshop!

    The Auction House

    With Oneblock comes a new auction house system! You can now set a BIN (Buy It Now) price and a Bidding price with specific increments for the bid! You can list an item on the auction house by equipping the item in your hand. Then use the command
    /ah sell .
    Ex. /ah sell 50000 20000 200 24

    You can view all items on the Auction House by using the command /ah.

    To buy an item at the BIN price, simply right click on the item!
    To bid on an item left click on the item.


    Sparks are a brand new virtual currency exclusive to Oneblock! You can obtain Sparks through fighting the dangerous creatures of The Sparks Caves underneath the Oneblock spawn! Collecting Sparks has its benefits! You can use them to purchase unique items that may not be obtainable elsewhere! Sparks can be purchased from the Sparks Merchant by using /sparks shop! The Sparks shop contains two different kinds of items, standard and rare items. Standard items change every 24 hours. Rare items change every 3 days.


    Airdrops are drops that can be won from crates, redeemed from rank kits, or purchased using Gridbits . They can only be called inside the Oneblock cave system and take 15 seconds to drop in. Inside the airdrops are kits that you can take. Be aware, players can kill you in the caves and can steal your airdrops!

    Custom Enchantments

    With Oneblock comes a brand new Custom Enchantments system!
    There are not 1… not 2… but 3 brand new tiers for Custom Enchants!

    You can access enchantments with /enchants menu as well as accessing more information about each enchantment with /enchantsindex

    Tier 1 (400 exp) - Tier 1 Books have a higher chance of getting a lower level custom enchantment book such as a level 1 or 2, but if you are lucky enough, you might get the highest tier of an enchantment!

    Tier 2 (1400 exp) - Tier 2 Books have a higher chance of getting a middle level of a custom enchant book, you can still get lower or higher level custom enchantment books.

    Tier 3 (2800 exp) - Tier 3 Books have a higher chance of getting a high level of a custom enchantment. You have a much lower chance of getting a mid level or low level of an enchantment.

    Types of Enchantments

    Misc Enchantments

    Momentum - gives you a speed boost on your boots! (Level I to II)
    Night Vision - gives you vision to see during the night on your helmet! (Level I)
    Leap - gain a jump boost effect on your boots! (Level I to III)
    Saturation - chance to refill your hunger from your chestplate! (Level I to III)
    Rocket Fuel - By applying this to your boots and having charcoal in your off hand you can levitate! (Level I)
    Longevity - With this enchantment your tools and weapons take longer to break! (Level I to V)
    Haste - allows you to mine, chop, break blocks faster. (Level I to II)
    Magnet - Automatically place blocks mined from your tools into your inventory! (Level I)
    Suspension - Gain a chance to negate all incoming fall damage when equipped on your boots. (Level I to III).
    Timber - gain a chance to break trees in one swoop with your trusty axe! (Level I to III)
    Scuba - gain permanent water breathing from your helmet! (Level I)
    Rat - chance to drop more ores when mining! This is stackable with fortune! (Level I to III)
    Keepsake - a small chance to salvage the item this is applied to. Any armor piece can have this enchantment. (Level I to VI)
    Obscured - Shift right click for a chance to activate invisibility. (Level I to IV)

    PvE Enchantments

    Double Hit - Gain a chance to deal double the damage to mobs on your sword! (Level I to III)
    Bullseye - Headshots from bows and crossbows can do up to 1.5x damage on players and mobs! (Level I to V)
    Adrenaline - chance to gain adrenaline for a quick way to evade a fight when you are low on hp. Applicable on chestplates and leggings. (Level I)
    Deterrent - A chance to not take damage from arrows from your leggings! (Level I to III)
    Virus - chance to inflict weakness effect on your enemies! (Level I to III)
    Vaccine - decrease the chance to become affected by the virus enchantment effect. (Level I to V)
    Eject - Chance to send mobs flying into the air! (Level I to III)
    Rage - chance to become enraged and repel enemies away! (Level I)

    PvP Enchantments

    Venom - chance to inflict poison on enemies by equipping your sword or axe! (Level I to III)
    Malnourished - chance to lower your enemy’s hunger from your sword or axe. (Level I to V)
    Startle - chance to startle your enemies by teleporting behind them! (Level I to III)
    Medkit - chance to gain extra health when it is needed the most! (Level I to V)

    Remember! Not all custom enchantments are compatible with each other, you must strategize your gear to best fit your desires! Gear is limited to three custom enchants per armor/weapon/tool, but can be upgraded to add additional slots with a slot rune!

    Special Items

    You have reached the end. No seriously, that's everything you need to know!