GridCraft: On the Come Up!

Hey everyone! In this post I'll be detailing the progress our community has made these past 6 weeks.

ENCOM Mall Opening

GridCraft Towny 2.0 released on December 27th, 2020. Players had high expectations for the relaunch of their beloved survival mode server. The update included a multitude of changes, including custom enchants, the leveling system, quests, jobs, and most iconic of all: PINATA PARTIES!

The relaunch was a hit! Players swarmed to GridCraft to re-explore the classic Towny world. Many were pleased to find their progress was not reset, and they could pick up where they left off from Towny 1.0 while taking advantage of the new features.

GridCraft quickly became a triple digits playercount server, with hundreds of unique players logging in daily to continue their progression. GridCraft isn't done yet, though. Administration plans to introduce new gamemodes and things to do to attract even more players to join the community!