Bedwars Update!


We are rolling out a few awesome updates for you all today, primarily adding 3 brand new maps to Bedwars for everyone to play and enjoy. More on those below...

We've been doing a lot of work behind the scenes to improve Bedwars and it's playing experience, we have come a long way as the only server to offer Java/Bedrock Crossplay Bedwars. As we continue to keep things moving forward, we will periodically post updates in both our discord, as well as here, on the blog.

Season Alpha... to Season I

We are nearing the close of Season Alpha (End of March), this was a necessary time for us to iron out everything within Bedwars and to fully polish the game for full indoctrination into the Gridcraft Network. We will be moving on to Season I on April 1st. Season statistics will be reset, however, lifetime statistics will remain. For Season I you will see:

| New Maps
Some of which may be from today's rotation, and others brand new.

| Updated Mechanics
Smoother gameplay and a more intuitive approach.

| Better Systems
From anticheat to ore generators, we have revamped a lot!

New Maps

These new maps are absolutely awesome! We've got 3 new ones coming to add onto our rotation, but you know what that means...

Someone has to be benched - and as much as we like Sushi, there are game altering issues with how the map is currently designed. We've noted this and we're going to be putting Sushi under construction, as it is still a great map. In lieu, we will be adding on:

| Twisted Tundra
An open map for lots of combat and contesting the main island, fight your opponents in an icy biome that is sure to make you shiver!

| Bumrush
A team favorite from our plethora of new maps (will become available for later seasons). It's a colorful, yet simple map with a lot of room for strategy and conquering.

| Oriental
Aesthetically pleasing and beautiful to the eye, but smooth and quick to the touch. Oriental is a great map for taking your time and planning out your attack thoroughly, just like the Samurais.


Twisted Tundra