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Gridcraft Earth Commands

Introduction to Earth Commands Below is a list of all the Gridcraft Earth commands. If you look closely towards the bottom, you will see a list of commands that players with ranks have

[GRIDCRAFT APPLICATIONS] Frequently Asked Questions and Advice

This post serves as a resource for those applying for a staff position at Gridcraft. This post will provide advice on how to write a detailed application along with answering some frequently asked

New Look, New Gamemode, New Era of Gridcraft!

Intro Been a while crocodile! We are excited to announce some upcoming updates coming to Gridcraft in the coming weeks! Our entire team has been working tirelessly for the past new months to

Bedwars Update!

Overall We are rolling out a few awesome updates for you all today, primarily adding 3 brand new maps to Bedwars for everyone to play and enjoy. More on those below... We've been

The Grand Announcement!

Introduction Welcome to the Grand Announcement! This announcement is single-handedly the most feature and update packed post we have ever had here on GridMC. To start things off, we want to get rolling

Gridcraft Patch 0.2.0

Hey everyone, in this article we'll be detailing to changes coming with the new patch! We're adding /tags! -- Equip tags to display next to your name in chat, above your head, and

Scheduled Maintenance 2/7/2021

Hey Gridcraft! Today we're announcing maintenance for tomorrow to further help our backend team on our quest for creating a larger and more stable network. Maintenance will begin at 10:00AM EST and