[GRIDCRAFT APPLICATIONS] Frequently Asked Questions and Advice

This post serves as a resource for those applying for a staff position at Gridcraft. This post will provide advice on how to write a detailed application along with answering some frequently asked questions about staff applications. Following all the advice in this post will not guarantee an acceptance on your application.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I recieve a response?

The Gridcraft Recruitment team will typically contact players for an interview near the end of every month. We will contact you through discord. If you do not hear anything from us at the end of the month, this means you have not been accepted. You may reapply at the beginning of the next month.

Where can I apply?

You can apply for a staff position at https://gridcraft.net/moderator-application/
Make sure to read all the requirements listed before submitting an application.

What do QA, Developers, Creators and Staff do?

Quality Assurance

QA or Quality Assurance members are not a part of the Gridcraft staff team. QA members help in finding issues and test new features that are going to be added to the server. They play a pivotal role in ensuring our games are polished with minimal bugs/issues. This is a voluntary position that you can apply for at https://gridcraft.net/qa-application/


People with the Creator role create content for the server. Content including videos, live streams, Tiktoks, social media posts, etc. Depending on the level of influence the creator has, the position can be a paid position. This role also grants access to exclusive in-game items, early access to new features and exclusive in-game promotional rights. You can apply for Creator role at https://gridcraft.net/creator-application/


Developers create new features and content for the server as well as resolve bugs/issues on the server. While they do work with the management team, they are not a part of the staff team and cannot help players with issues that are not bug related. This is a paid position that you can apply for at https://gridcraft.net/developer-application/


People with the ranks; Helper, Mod, Sr.Mod and Admin are all members of the staff team. The responsibilities of the staff team vary by position, but all staff members are to moderate the server and to help out and assist with issues players may be facing. They also deal with rule-breakers and do their best to keep the community friendly and welcoming. You can apply for staff at https://gridcraft.net/moderator-application/

Why do I have to be the age of 14 to apply?

We do make exceptions for those under 14, however, the age of 14 is typically where a majority of people hit their stride in confidence, work ethic, and maturity. We feel that people 14+ are better equipped to staff Gridcraft.

Why do I need to have a Discord account?

The Gridcraft Discord is a huge part of the community and essential for our staff to moderate and be a part of. The Discord server is a place for players to interact with each other as well as for players to have immediate access to contacting staff. We also have a ticket system that we use to assist players with various things such as general assistance, bug reporting, appeals and more. It is essential for staff members to have Discord.

Can I still apply if I have been punished on the server?

You can apply for Staff even if you have been previously punished on our server. However, depending on the severity of the punishment, we will take that into consideration when making a decision on your application.

I play on Bedrock Edition, can I still apply?

We normally do not accept Bedrock Edition players due to the limitations that Bedrock players have. These limitations prevent Bedrock players from fulfilling staff responsibilities. We do make exceptions, however, and if we see an exceptional application, we may consider you. As Bedrock compatibility becomes better from development, we may be more willing to accept Bedrock users.

What happens if I don’t receive a response by the end of the month?

If you haven’t heard from us by the end of the month, you have most likely not made the cut for the month. You are allowed to reapply again the following month. Due to the amount of applications we receive, we do not provide personalized responses to each application. However, you can message a member of the Recruitment team for more detail as to why you may have been denied. If you have been denied it was most likely for one of the reasons listed below.

Why was my application declined?

There are several reasons why your application may have been declined, below is a list of common reasons why applications are not accepted.

Lack of Detail

If we felt your application did not answer all the questions thoroughly, we may deny your application. It is important that you include as much detail in your answers as possible so that we learn more about you and how you respond to certain situations.

Previous Punishments

We may deny your application based on your punishment history. If you have any on-going punishments or have accumulated several punishments in your punishment history and we feel you have not learned your lessons from these punishments, we have the right to decline the application.

In-game behavior

Staff members play an important role in the community and it is important that they remain friendly and professional at all times. If we see that your behavior in game does not match the values of kindness, professionalism, patience, and openness, we will deny your application.

Application does not reflect the values of Gridcraft

At Gridcraft, we believe in several values which allow us to create an open and welcoming community to all. We do what we can for all players to have a unique and fun Minecraft experience! We believe in equality, positivity, kindness, open-mindness, and respect for each other. If we feel that you or your application do not fulfill these values, we will deny your application.

Application was not serious in intention

All applications made as “troll applications” will be denied and will ruin your future chances of being accepted into the team. We do not have time to tolerate any troll applications.

Answers did not show relevance to the questions

The responses to the application were not relevant answers to the questions being asked. This will lead to a denial of your application.

Advice for Applicants

Be Honest

Make sure to be completely honest in your application. Dishonest applications will lead to a denial and will not get you anywhere. We want to learn about you, who you are as a person and how you can be a wonderful addition to the Gridcraft team so please write truthfully about yourself.

Be Detailed

Make sure to add detail to your application. We want to learn as much about you as possible, so feel free to write to your heart’s content! If you have any previous experiences moderating on other servers, make sure to include examples and detail about what you did on those servers. Make sure to fill up your application enough so that we know every reason why you should be a part of this team.

Check for grammar and spelling errors.

I know this sounds simple, but make sure to check for both grammar and spelling errors. You don’t need to be perfect, but your application should at least be readable without us having much issue. By having good grammar and minimal spelling errors, you will sound a lot more professional as well.

Reread over your application.

Make sure to read over your application multiple times in order to make it sound the way you want it. Reading it over multiple times will help you find mistakes and issues in your application which could be the deciding factor over an acceptance or denial.

Take your time.

Make sure to take your time. You do not need to rush to submit your application. We want well polished and detailed applications that tell us about you and rushing your application will probably lead to mistakes and a denial of your application.